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anne scott

Creating and scaling meaningful online and offline community

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As a world leading community and marketing strategist, 

Anne Scott works with brands across industries to create meaningful communities with powerful social impact and high ROI.

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Community Architect


Taking your community, platform based business, startup, app or multi-sided marketplaces from ignition to scale. 


With a strong background as a CMO in the tech startup space, strong proponent of purpose-led marketing and acknowledged recently as one of the most meaningful community leaders in the world by Facebook, Anne Scott works with businesses, organisations, brands, execs and teams across the globe to create, launch, grow and scale sustainable communities on any platform. Anne offers customised strategy, training, resources, people and unique insights gained over 10 years building successful communities online and offline.




Anne Scott is the founder and CEO of Girl Gone International, the world’s largest online and offline community for international women. On a budget of zero, GGI has scaled to over 200 local hubs in 70 countries, 500,000 members, 15,000 events, a team of 600 and a monthly organic reach of 8 million.

on stage

Public Speaker

















International Women's Day, Facebook

International Women's Day,

Createch Stage Live at CogX 

Sequoia Community Building workshop 

Digital Women's Community Leader of The Year 

Facebook's Admin Education Training Online Course 

Facebook Community Management 

Facebook Groups Product, Large Groups 

Facebook Community Education Film 'Expanding your community 

Facebook International Press Day 

Facebook Influencer Series

Facebook 'How To Maintain a Strong Community Culture' 

Facebook 'Maintaining a Strong Community Culture' 

Facebook Leadership Summit "How to Scale Communities"

Facebook Communities Summit "Managing a Healthy Community" 

MS Sessions Conference, Prague, 'Community 101' 



Presenter & Trainer

Anne Scott works with brands, executives and teams across the world to create, launch, grow and scale sustainable communities on any platform via customised strategy, training and resources. 


Community Content 

Anne collaborated with Facebook on the new Community Hub - a place for community content, latest product announcements, stories and community programs intended to educate and empower community builders with product and soft skill best practices in order for them to feel supported to build the communities of their dreams. 

Lead with Purpose

navigating crisis and the new reality

Anne will work in 2021 with organisations to navigate the crisis, recover and lead in the next normal. Businesses will need to revisit what their brands stand for, work on new value propositions to their customers, create new content and authentic messaging.


Purpose-led customer playbooks will be created to build out new customer decision and sales journeys that create trust, confidence, loyalty, engagement, new experiences and differentiation. Businesses that do this will be best placed to gain new business, develop new partnership models and drive innovations that meet emerging opportunities. 

the one thing that will never change

Purpose driven marketing and community marketing is powerful. Building a meaningful brand community means a loyal audience, advocacy, retention, referrals, sales and communication and needs strategy and expertise for success. 


Digital + Tech

The COVID-19 crisis has shifted the world to digital shopping and working. This shift is likely to be permanent so while brands should currently focus on maximising digital sales and capabilities, to survive and thrive in a the new post pandemic world, Anne will be recommending clients shift focus to virtual sales, digital trial offers and a multi-channel sales approach that provides the customer with an integrated customer experience.


Longer term, recommendations include integrating AI and data at scale, splitting mobile apps between service portals, top-of-funnel data generators and eCommerce engines and, in local retail, treating stores as experiential stages and local event-driven shopping occasion locations.

Community Marketing Clients include 

emoov, Mashroom, Ella Festival, Neighbour

Wireframes, Clients include 

Neighbour, Girl Gone International, QTELLA. Mashroom





Anne's strong academic background in International Finance and Economics comes in useful when creating business plans, media and partnership packages, pitches, pitch decks, sustainability plans, and key financial documents for potential investors. 

digital publisher

Creating Media

The GIRLGI magazine has been read over 2 million times and is known in the industry as the first ever women travel's digital magazine publication to be created. Each publication is created and designed in-house. Anne works with brands to explore and create mediums to reach and connect with target audiences in the most meaningful way.


public figure

In the media

In 2020-21 Anne has been featured in the following publications.

New York Times